Gizmo Instruments Instruments

Gizmo GSM

Programmed, monitored and controlled by an app


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  • 8 x Alarm inputs - volt free
  • 3 x Control outputs - volt free relay contacts rated @ 2.0A/24V

  • GSM modem - quad band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

  • Power supply - 12 to 24V AC/DC
  • Power consumption - 30mA @ 12V DC nominal
  • Power consumption - 1A @ 12v DC maximum
  • Internal rechargeable battery giving up to 3 hours backup

  • Temperature probe range: -50 to + 125 degrees C

  • Size - 90x88x58mm (excluding connectors)
  • Weight 230g in DIN rail mount casing

  • Operating temperature: -10 to +55 degrees C

  • Connections - plug in screw terminals
  • 8 digital alarm inputs monitoring volt-free N/O or N/C contacts
  • Alarm and alarm reset configuration completely programmable

  • 3 relay control outputs activated by the app (with acknowledge) for control and reset purposes

  • GSM signal strength and power source displayed

  • Power fail alarm

  • Supervisor control ensuring only authorised personnel may control the unit

  • A version with an external temperature probe and high and low alarms plus

max/min values available (GSM-T)

  • Up to ten numbers may be programmed to receive all GSM information

e.g. status reports, alarms, power fail etc.

  • Uses PAYG or contract SIM cards


  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Easy to setup and use - no texting or connection to PC required
  • Fully programmable remotely - no site visits to re-program
  • Optimised for use with the (included) Android app but can monitor without - meaningful texts on power fail, alarm etc.
  • All programming parameters are stored in the app
  • Supervisor modes for ensuring authorised personnel usage only
  • Status reports can be scheduled to be sent from 1-30 days
  • LEDs give indication of power, inputs, outputs, network service, signal strength and text in/out on GSM unit
  • Low voltage AC and DC supply - polarity protected
  • Low power consumption
  • Latest quad band GSM technology
  • Patch antenna as standard but optional antennas available for poor signal areas
  • Only requires 2G network coverage
  • Plug in connectors for ease of wiring
  • Small size with DIN rail mount for ease of installation

The Gizmo GSM uses an app (included) that runs on any Android Smartphone to communicate. It uses sms technology and so will work where there is only 2G network coverage. The app enables operation using simple buttons - no more entering cryptic texts!

Programming is performed from the app and so the GSM can be configured remotely - no need for site visits to re-program!

Up to nine GSM units can be controlled from the app with user defined labels for each different GSM, input and output e.g. “Caulder Road Site”, “Float Level 3 High” etc.

Acknowledge commands returned for all app operations

Status and alarm conditions are displayed in the app using easy to read buttons - no more deciphering cryptic texts!